Is your financial situation getting to you?

The economy and your emotions

look for your own sliver lining hereThe economy has been brutal and many lives have changed as a result. Are you actively trying to get out of money problems? Like living on a tight budget, job hunting, paying off debt, negotiating with lenders to ease your burden, working to avoid losing your home or other things. If so, Silver Linings was designed by a professional therapist to help you regroup emotionally as you heal yourself financially.

Do you need a shot of positivity and hope? Silver Linings is a program to help regular people reverse the inevitable negative thoughts and feelings that arise when we are in debt, or financially crunched.

Silver Linings ebookIf money is a problem—you are in debt, unemployed, lost your home, and living on a tighter budget than ever before, Silver Linings can help you make it through with a better attitude—without stretching the budget.

Silver Linings is a self program to support you as you work on your finances. It’s a two-part program girl reading discussion groupand you receive both--the complete Silver Linings eBook, and membership in the confidential Online Discussion Group which is moderated by mental health professionals. In addition you receive free gifts: access to exclusive lessons and guided meditations, along with other tools crafted by the professional staff.

Jean-Louise Jirik MC NCC explains the program

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I've walked the mile in your shoes

I'm a psychotherapist and I created Silver Linings Online to address the needs of someone who's trying to get their finances together while dealing with the emotions that result. I have years in practice seeing hundreds of clients plus I’ve also been caught I the squeeze of financial problems, I'm passionate about helping you get through this.

Correcting financial issues doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process which can be difficult, but it can be done. With insight, support and encouragement along the way, you will find a silver lining in your hardship and hard work. Read my story to see that I've been caught in my own downward financial and emotional spiral and why I want to help you claim your happiness and empowerment.

Money Back Guarantee

moneyback guaranteehand in hand with Silver LiningsHelping you is our passion. We are committed to excellent customer service so your satisfaction is important to us. There is an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. For any reason.


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A complete program

shipbuilder guyThe program is packaged to be cost-effective, issue-focused and easy as possible. When you sign up for Silver Linings Online, the complete Silver Linings workgook is delivered to you by email as a pdf. You can read it on your computer and there is nothing else to buy.

The Silver Linings Online discussion group experience is available 24/7, whenever you need support or feel the need to share. Certified therapists and counselors moderate daily, so you get the help you need when you need it.
Click to buy Silver Linings now. tranquility and peace

If you feel overwhelmed and sometimes struggle to cope, or you feel like you need a time out from your life but can’t afford it, there is help. Silver Linings was born to help you learn techniques to bring you clarity and a little peace.

Your silver linings is right here